How to Earn on Trade Routes

How do trade routes works with the NovaDEX protocol?
Get Nova!
You will need an equal amount of Nova and BNB (or other cryptocurrency, depending on the pair) in dollar value, for the next step, so don't swap out all your BNB.
Remember to keep some BNB to pay the transaction gas fees!
Pair Nova with BNB (or other cryptocurrency)
Go to the liquidity section of the website and create a liquidity pair (LP), for example (Nova/BNB or Nova/BUSD).
Remember that only Nova pairs are eligible for sNova rewards!
Stake your Nova LP
Stake you Nova LPs in one of our farms to start receiving rewards! Harvest your rewards to your wallet!
If you are farming a Nova pair, keep your sNova in your wallet to receive dividends in the form of BNB and BUSD.