How to Connect a Wallet
Tips to connect to the app
Step 1: Hit the "Connect Wallet" Button
Step 2: Select your wallet provider and confirm connection

Having Trouble?

  • If you're brand new to crypto and decentralized finance, check out our How to Defi and How to Use Metamask guides.
  • If you're using Android, download a wallet app like MetaMask or Trustwallet and use the wallet app DAPP Browser to access the website and connect.
  • If you're using iOS, you can open the website in Safari and select WalletConnect to link to your wallet of choice. Either scan the QR code or connect to you wallet app.
  • If nothing happens when you hit connect, make sure you're signed in to your wallet app, make sure you're connected to the Binance Smart Chain (most apps default to Ethereum).
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