ABC's of Novaria
An Immersive Guide to the world and lore of Legend of Novaria
To play Legend of Novaria, players need to: 1. Accumulate and build your fleet of ships to explore the Novaverse! 2. Explorers venture to find stars, planets, asteroids, and wormholes - all with the goal of finding and mining precious minerals, which can be refined into NOVA. 3. Along the way, competing players and factions will battle for control of these stars, planets, asteroids, and refineries. This is when it gets interesting... 4. To win, players must strategize their travel paths, their fleet size to attack or defend, and their alliances - all in the hopes of expanding the Novaverse and earning NOVA in the process! To understand the nuances of the game, you must start on a deep dive into the Novaverse. Let's begin...
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