Around the Starmap

Explore and conquer the Novaverse!
Stars - These are scattered randomly throughout the Novaverse. They cannot be closer than 7 AU to each other. Planets - these have precious minerals that players want to mine. These minerals get replenished over time. Planets can only be found up to 3AU from stars, they get emissions according to the star’s luminosity and are shared by other planets. Planets closest to the star get the highest weight of emissions.
Asteroids - like planets, these also contain minerals to mine. These asteroids can be mined 3X faster than planets!
Wormholes - you can travel through these and get access to far out places in the Novaverse. You can travel from wormhole to wormhole without any travel cool down.
Shipyards - if you find a planet with a shipyard on it, you will be able to claim it and set a fee for other people to come and build ships there. You will have 1 week grace period before anyone else can attack you and try to take over your shipyard. Whomever owns the shipyard can change the shipyard name and fees whenever they want to.
Salvage - after battles, destroyed ships leave plenty of minerals to be salvaged. The salvage “mineral” can be 'collected' 5X faster than mining a planet! You can ‘collect’ salvage once every 6 minutes. If your mining cooldown is still active, you will need to wait for that to expire before you can start collecting salvage!
Refineries - bring your minerals to any refinery to extract the valuable NOVA — refineries are also safe havens or 'demilitarized zones' (DMZ)
Demilitarized Zones (DMZ) - a safe place to dock your fleet whilst you are not playing the game Astronomical Units (AU) - the measurement of distance in the Novaverse