The Ships

Build your ships and the Battle will come...
These individual vehicles/modes of transport make up a player's fleet. Different ships vary in cost or time to build, size, and utility. It would be a wise strategy to optimize your fleet for accummulating, mining and transporting NOVA as well as defending and battling against other players and factions bent on getting their hands on your NOVA! Below is the current list of ships ready for purchase in-game. (More ships to come...) Vipers - low cost, fast build time, small size. These ships have the ability to carry out attacks but cannot mine or carry minerals (NOVA)
P.U.P. - essential for mining, transporting, and collecting minerals. These Patented Underground Pulverizers (P.U.P.s) cannot be used for attacks and battles. They take twice as long to build compared to Vipers.
Fireflies - players need at least 100 XP (experience points) to build these ships. Fireflies have very strong attack capabilities. Players with a large number of Fireflies can utilize these ships to carry and transport minerals. They cannot be used to mine.
Gorians - these are the largest ships currently available. They are formidable shields in battle. Additionally, each Gorian expands your fleet size by 200.