Battle & Takeover Mechanics

The Rules of Engagement
To understand your modes of attack, players must first understand their POWER!
POWER CALCULATIONS: Simply put, Power is how strong your fleet inherently is.
Shields - these will give you defensive power against would-be attackers
Mining Power - the rate at which you can mine minerals between cooldowns
Mineral Capacity - the maximum load of minerals you can carry before having to find a refinery to process your minerals into NOVA!
Experience Points (XP) - for every 10 NOVAs you spend in game, you will add 1 XP point. You also get 3x XP point for exploring/traveling around the map. XP is very useful as it unlocks more advanced ships that you can buy for your fleet. Additionally, at 500 XP, you get a 1% reduction on your travel fees (up to a limit of 50% reduction in travel fees) This reduction in travel fees increases linearly after 500 XP. Now that you understand how to calculate your POWER, what can you do with them?
BATTLE MECHANICS: Players can initiate a battle with anyone who has a fleet size that is at least 1/4 of the size of your fleet OR at most, 4x the size of yours. Once a battle is initiated, anyone can join, regardless of size.
· Join attackers - anyone can join the attackers in battle.
· Join defenders - anyone can join the defenders in battle.
· Resolve - from the time when an attack is initiated, there is a 1-hour wait period to allow defenders the opportunely to raise their armies to fight back. Likewise, attackers can raise more troops to help them in the battle. Anyone can press the “resolve battle” button when it becomes live after 1-hour. The resolve button can be ordered by anyone and once pressed, the damages are immediately calculated and are allocated accordingly.
· Battle calculations - The attack power gets distributed among the players and ships based on total size, then the shields kick in. If the distributed attack power is greater than the shield, it destroys the ship. Example: a. Player 1 attacks Player 2. b. Player 1 has 100 vipers with 100 attack vs Player 2 has 50 vipers and 50 P.U.P.'s. c. To start the battle, 66 of Player 1's viper attack gets sent to battle Player 2's 50 P.U.P.'s, and Player 1's 33 vipers are sent to battle Player 2's 50 vipers. d. Vipers each have 3 shield, so Player 2 would lose 11 vipers (33/3) to Player 1's 33 viper attack damage. Player 2's P.U.P.'s have 5 shield each, so Player 2 would lose 13 P.U.P.'s (66/5) to Player 1's 66 viper attack.
Salvage - defeated ships leave behind mineral which can be collected at 5X the speed of normal mining. THe amount of salvage created is equal to 40% of the cost of destroyed ships. Plus, if a player is carrying mineral, salvage will be created equal to the percentage of mineral capacity lost times their currently carried mineral. This means that successful battles can be very rewarding for the winners!
Legend of Novaria Star Map
SHIPYARD TAKEOVERS: While the shipyard on Haven can never be taken over, ALL other shipyards are fair game! The Shipyard Takeover mechanics work in the same way that the Battle mechanics work: once the grace period of 1 week is over, other players can click the 'Shipyard Takeover' button and commence your coup.
Any player with at least 1000 fleet size can initiate a Shipyard Takeover. Once initiated, they have to maintain control of the shipyard for 24 hours and have at least 200 fleet size after the battle to complete the takeover when the timer ends.
And this is where it gets interesting…
During this 24 hour period, anyone can attack you. You cannot leave the shipyard, and if a player with a larger fleet size comes and initiates a hostile takeover, they can push you out AND start a new 24 hour timer to try to complete the takeover themselves!
There are 2 things to keep in mind:
1) The Takeover Bid - this is literally any qualifying player stating their intent to takeover the shipyard
2) The existing shipyard owner can then choose to attack the would be assailant if they want to keep their shipyard or do nothing because they don’t care about losing potentiall thousands of dollars in income from the shipyard!
NOTES: *Anyone can choose to also attack the assailant! This may be a great strategy to wear the assailant down until they are weak enough that another player could come to takeover the takeover and replace them!
*When an actual takeover is started, anyone can join the takeover on either side, just like any other battle.
*Players need a fleet size of >1000 ships to initiate a takeover. Anyone looking to takeover a takeover only needs to have a fleet size bigger than the assailant's fleet.