In-Game Rewards & Tokenomics

The odds are ever in your favor...
In-Game Probabilities:
The Novaverse is an ever evolving expanse! Be that as it may, we have created a world that favors the explorers. Our hope is that this will not only encourage exploration but that it will be a very profitable journey for the brave! So what are the odds of finding these gems inside the game? When exploring, all outcomes are randomised by our smart contracts' algorithms. However, each yellow dot you open have these chances of outcomes:
  • 20% chance of finding a star (if you are 8AU away from the last star)
  • 2% wormholes
  • 15% empty space
  • 58% hostile space
  • 12% asteroids
  • 13% planets And once you've found a planet,
  • 40% chance of finding a mining planet
  • 30% of finding a refinery (DMZ)
  • 20% of finding a shipyard
  • 10% of finding a shipyard and refinery (DMZ)
Tokenomics and Sustainability: After spending long months creating Legend of Novaria from the ground up, our team spent a considerable time thinking about how our in-game tokenomics will create a lasting and sustainable model built for mutual success for our players and NovaDEX team. 70% of in-game fees go to the Money Pot (split 25% team & marketing / 75% sNova holders) 30% of the remaining fees will go towards maintaining in-game rewards like minerals on asteroids that will be refined into NOVA Earmarking Additional Fees: a. Ship-building Fees: When players build ships, 40% of the ship’s cost is reserved for salvage (what is left behind as spoils for the victors after battles and takeovers), then the remaining is split up like the normal fees. This is to make sure that we are creating a sustainable pool of rewards for all players of LoN. b. Star Luminosity - higher luminosity means more emissions. Emissions are divided between planets, with the closer planets getting more of the emissions. c. NOVA Emissions - 55% to 60% of our block emissions (currently set at 0.3 NOVA per block) are being earmarked to feed the LoN in-game reward pool daily. This translates to about 4,000+ NOVAs per day targeted specifically for in-game rewards. d. Initial NOVA launch infusion - We have set aside 100,000 NOVAs as initial in-game rewards for LoN at public launch. We are also setting aside an additional 100,000 NOVAs as a reserve to infuse a 2nd phase of growth down the road. This reserve, as well as the allocated daily NOVA emissions, guarantees the long-term viability of in-game rewards for all our players.