Our Vision

What is the team's vision for the NovaDEX protocol?
The NovaDEX team is composed of people who are really inspired by the work of the cypherpunks and their original vision of creating a system of trade and verifiable cryptographic communication that is completely decentralised, thus taking the power away from the elite and bringing it back to the people. True democracy rather than rule by privilege and plutocracy which is in truth the system we are governed by currently, a grim charade of democracy at best, now truly, a system which is completely broken! This is our global vision and motto!
So our long term objective and
ultimate goal is to build a DAO
and transfer the decision making process from our team to our loyal NovaDEX sNOVA holders. We also want in the short to medium term to continue adding utility to the sNova token, with things such as NFTs, Fiat on ramping and holding incentives. Ultimately NovaDEX is only the beginning and our vision includes a constellation of interconnected dapps, that we can build by reinvesting our profits. But this is enough spoilers for now!
If you want to know more about our vision and what brought us together as a team, please read our medium article.