Anti Rugpull

What is the NovaDEX team doing to prevent rugpulls?
The following measures are in place to protect funds from a rugpull
The NovaDEX protocol doesn't have a migrator function!
The Masternova [0x8A4f4c7F4804D30c718a76B3fde75f2e0cFd8712] and BonusAggregatorContract [0xf46302f432914ACbd40E64a23841B5D6b16A0d85] ownership has been transferred to timelock.
The dividends distribution and Money Pot are designed in such a way that funds cannot be withdrawn from the Money Pot except as distribution to sNova holders. There is no emergency withdrawal function. The team can only add bonuses to the Money Pot!
Initial liquidity will be locked.
All team funds and contract ownership are held in a multisignature wallet with a 3/5 majority required for any transaction, so no rogue player can escape with any crypto!
KYC via Assuredefi. You can see our KYC NFT here
We understand what the DeFi community is going through at the moment with all the rug pulls on the Binance Smart Chain. We want to give you peace of mind!